5 Steps to Planning a Perfect Valentine’s Day for New Moms

5 Steps to Planning a Perfect Valentine’s Day for New Moms

how to surprise new moms on valentine day

Ah! The day of love is almost here.

If you’re prone to sarcasm or you’re an over-worked parent, Valentine’s Day could also be known as the day of unmet expectations and sappy-written greeting cards that end up in the trash after a few days.

Sound harsh?

Not for new moms, who might be too sleep deprived to distinguish Feb. 14 from any other day on the calendar. Don’t clip cupid’s wings just yet. Instead, breathe a new life into Valentine’s Day with these tips straight from the source (also known as new moms who could use a break).

1. Back away from the single rose display next to the gas station cash register!

Your sweetheart is on duty 24/7 wiping noses, coaxing cries into submission, making lunches and keeping the house intact. Show her how much you appreciate all she does by kicking up the creativity. You don’t have to spend a paycheck on boxed chocolates and exotic flowers. Surprise her with something from her favorite store. Handbags, decorative barrettes, spa soaps and the new book by her favorite writer are all safe. Save the receipt — just in case. It’s OK if she doesn’t like what you bought; sometimes, the fun is in exchanging an item for something else.

2. Give mom time to enjoy her gift.

That means taking on parenting solo.




Let her soak in her spa soaps, read a chapter in her new book or take her purse out for a test run with the girls, uninterrupted.


3. Hire a babysitter.

Get your special lady alone, sans screaming children. Let the grandparents take the kids for the night or search the yellow pages for a reliable babysitting agency. Or celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early.

4. Plan a date night out of the house.

Reserve a candlelit dinner at a romantic restaurant. If budget is a concern, bite the bullet and buy movie tickets to the latest chick flick. Yes, that means enduring a movie called “Valentine’s Day.” Or take a long walk, hand-in-hand. The Lowcountry offers endless romantic backdrops for memorable strolls — Hilton Head’s beaches, Bluffton’s fishing docks, Beaufort’s antebellum neighborhoods or Savannah’s historic city squares.

5. When you’re alone with the kids, create a Valentine’s Day craft project for mom.

It can be as simple as cutting a heart out of brightly colored construction paper and letting your little ones make their markings with glitter and crayons. Don’t forget to clean up the evidence. For the final touch, create your own valentine. Put your love into words — a simple “I love you” can go a long way.

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