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5 Tips for Creating a Good (Healthy) Eater

Parents are riddled with tips on how to feed their kids. At the base of these suggestions is the specter of the obesity epidemic. It can be easy to believe that a diet of anything other than...

10 Tips for Fighting the Flu

Flu season is back. Use this list to keep yourself and your neighbors safe. 10. Get a box of sanitizing wipesIt seems like overkill. But you won't regret it when your office-mate who has been...

Fore the kids

Know your kids' golf goals — serious or fun — before you fork over too much moneyPassion for golf isn’t common in the Lowcountry, it is epidemic. It impacts men, women, and, yes, even children.What...

Dear dads-to-be, read this

 Congratulations, you are about to embark on an amazing journey. It is a journey in which you will learn more things about the female body than you ever (likely) wanted to know.I...

Funny Face Omelet

From Janet Carter, pediatric outpatient dietitian with the Medical University of South CarolinaIngredients:(Note: ¼ cup egg substitute can be used in place of egg)1 egg OR ¼ cup egg substitute½...