Griffin's First Year in Facebook Updates

Confession time. I am addicted to social media. I am that annoying person whose Facebook feeds you have blocked because I'm constantly sharing silly links and cute photos. I'm also that girl, the one who updates her Facebook status over the most inane things. In honor of Griffin's first birthday, I read through a year of Facebook updates — starting from the moment I arrived at the hospital. (Yes, I Facebooked during labor). While I was scrolling through them all, I was surprised to learn that Griffin wasn't the only one who has changed over the past 12 months.


B.G. (Before Griffin)

"The subject for my 'Pregnancy This Week' automatic e-newsletter is 'Your One-Week Old.'"

At the Hospital

"Feeling good. Baby's heart rate excellent. Looks like we'll meet Squishy tomorrow."

"Dilated to six. Baby is rocking out. Doc has given me meds. Lady parts never to be the same again."

More than 24 Hours Later

"I would like to introduce Griffin Everett Bragg. Eight pounds, seven ounces. Deliver via C-section …"

The Milestones

"Griff's sleeping in the crib for the first time."

"Griff had his first round of vaccines today. Little guy is passed out in his crib. I'll be checking in on him several times tonight."

"Griffin started belly laughing yesterday! Cutest thing in the world. Who knew I was so funny? :)"

"Griffin is 20 weeks today! Happy 5-month marker, sweetheart! :) We celebrated with peas, sweet potatoes and a little bit of bananas."

"Griffin has been saying, 'dadda' all day long. :)"

"Griffin has two - maybe three - teeth coming in!"

"Griffin has said, 'duck,' 'dog,' and 'hi' during the last week!"

Settling In

"I feel like my baby is permanently attached to my body."

"Been walking around with lightly vomit- and poop-stained shirt today. Ahhh… The joys of motherhood. :)"

"Aren't babies supposed to sleep? Someone needs to clue in Griff hat mommy needs a cocktail and a nap."

"I got some work done. But I miss playing with my baby … What's wrong with me?"

"Even though I'm sick as a dog, Griffin still manages to make me smile."

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? A mom reading the book over and over and over and over and over and over and over again."

"Dear hotel staff, Sorry about all of the Puffs."

"My son is taking hour-long naps. Sniff. Sniff. The happiest day of my life!"

"Recent phone conversation:
Caller: What's that noise in the background?
Me: Sorry. I'm cleaning dog air out of my son's mouth."

Random Observations

"Should Elmo be living alone? I'm just sayin'."

"Hiccups. Blowing bubbles. Babbling. Drooling. Is my baby drunk?"

"Emily is just now realizing that Clifford (the big red dog) would be good for Show & Tell. Someone is not the sharpest crayon in the box."

"I now know the difference between baby spit-up and baby throw-up."

"I just learned that if I don't make eye contact with Griffin while he's in his Jumparoo he won't fuss … Nevermind."

Precious Moments

"Wish I could be as happy as Griff is in the morning, squealing his little, fool head off." 

"All dressed up. At the sitter's house. And decided Griff was too miserable (teething? cold coming on?) for me to go ………."

"Cutest thing ever: Griffin crawling in nuttin' but his birthday suit as fast as he can when he hears his bath being drawn."

And, Of Course, Mommy Brain

"Recent conversation with lung doctor:
Doctor: Where did you have your C-section?
Me: Here (pointing in the general region of my body and then shaking head in disbelief — d'oh!).
Doctor: (Dead pan voice like teacher in 'Ferris Buhler's Day Off') Yeah, I know where C-sections occur. My wife had two of them."