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Feeding Frenzy

The only thing worse than having such trouble trying to breastfeed your son is having no one around who understands what you were going through. Of course I had friends who breastfed their little ones and there was the support group at Hilton Head Hospital – which was great (and whether you‘re breastfeeding or not, I highly recommend it). But the ones around me 24/7 such as my husband, mother and mother-in-law had no idea of the emotions that went along with this struggle.

Super Sort Of Mom

Why is it that whenever I plan to write my blog there's an interruption? For weeks, the little voice in the back of my head that reminds me of various forgotten tasks has been screaming, "BLOG! BLOG! BLOG!"

Five Things to Do This Weekend

Sweet Grass Basket Making
When/Where: From 1-3 p.m. Saturday at Picture This Gallery
Info: Michael Smalls and Daurus Niles will teach the art of basket making. Children will work on making their own sweetgrass woven item.
Cost: $30, includes materials
Contact: 843-842-5299,,

Lowcountry Breeds Festival

The Coastal Discovery Museum recently held the Lowcountry Heritage Breeds Festival with cows, marsh tackies, geese, turkey and other animals historically used in farming in the Lowcountry. Check out our video:

March Family Events


ArtsTeach: Saving Planet Earth

When/Where: March 4-28 at the Walter Greer Gallery in the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina

Info: Celebrate Youth Arts month with this student exhibit that showcases 2-D and 3-D creations from the next generation of eco-conscious artists.


Perfect Penguins

Mossy Oaks Elementary School teacher Suzi Prekop and her first grade class constructed an igloo from recycled milk cartons. This "Perfect Penguin" project will be part of Prekop's lesson plans on recycling in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, their igloo has become a permanent fixture in her classroom. Check out the video below. If you are a teacher or a mother of a student whose class is doing something special for or around Earth Day, April 22, let Lowcountry Child know!

Understand postpartum depression

Mom equals superwoman, right?

A mom can feed her baby, while paying the bills and putting on mascara, right?

As women, being a mom is the one thing we’re supposed to be good at, right?

This is what so many women believe.

Autism Spectrum Disorder ... Now what?

Once a child has received a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) the next step is to develop a treatment plan. Treatments break down into two broad categories, medical management and non-medical interventions.  

Rain on my parade!

We're blessed to live in an area where our days are mostly filled with sunshine, cool breezes and the smell of pluff mud. However, our parade gets rained out from time to time, and those days can create fussy kids and frustrated parents. 

The secret to surviving a rainy day indoors is to be prepared, so you and the little ones don’t get bored. Here are a few ways to make the rainy days more entertaining. Try to keep some necessary supplies for the following activities.

To My Valentine

February is the month for lovers. However, it’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day has been less than a fantasy since my husband and I added a third person to our relationship, our son.

I call it a victory if I get a card on Valentine’s Day (an actual Valentine’s Day card, not the eight of diamonds). Due to this thing called life, my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day last year the night before we celebrated Cole’s first birthday (which was in April). I know the day is just a day and you should show your significant other how much you love and appreciate them all year long, but sometimes we need to take a day to remind ourselves and each other how great it is to have one another. Since time and money are tight, we get more creative.