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Can you afford to stay at home?

Emily Campbell of Bluffton and her husband, Lewis, spent their entire marriage preparing for her to take the role of stay-at-home mom.

Most parents have at least nine months to emotionally and financially prepare for the reality of their new addition. But the Campbells' story is a little different. They adopted a little girl, and had less than a month to prepare when the adoption was approved.

Where kids can eat free

Kids can be picky eaters, but when they go out to a restaurant, everything tastes great. Here are some ways to make sure your kids fill their tummies without breaking the bank.

Kids eat for 99 cents on Tuesdays. Dine-in only. Not all locations offer this special so call ahead to be sure.
Beaufort: 2338 Boundary Street, 843-524-4322
Hilton Head Island: 200-A Museum St., 843-689-8080

Lay your head and rest

Those of you who know me or are fans of Lowcountry Child's Facebook page most likely have heard me mention Cole’s fascination with sleeping on the floor. 

In December, we transitioned him from his crib to a toddler bed and things were going OK. I had to keep assuring him he was safe in his new surroundings but that only took a few days and he loved it so much, he would just hang out in the bed until we came to get him in the morning. Curt and I felt so lucky.

Progress, Not Perfection

Friday, May 7


I sabotaged both my early morning workout and diet last night by drinking a bottle of wine with a friend. It happened so suddenly. Would you like to have a glass of wine? Yes, of course. Talk, talk, talk. Pour more wine. Talk, talk, talk. talk. More wine poured. I don't think I should have any more. That's ok, because there is just a tablespoon left. What? How did that happen?

Jenny Craig has a great quote I can turn to in times like these, "Progress, not perfection." Today was another day. Even though I missed the 545AM workout I did get a fabulous workout while my two boys played at Island Playground.


To mom on Mother's Day

A couple weeks after I had Griffin, I called my mom.

To apologize.

“I am so sorry I ever caused you grief — at every stage,” I said, adding, “This mothering thing is hard.”

Like most kids, it took me awhile to realize my parents weren't always parents. I don't think they became actual people until I was in college, out of the nest. When I became a mother, scared to death to bring this beautiful newborn home from the hospital, I finally realized what my mom's life has been like.

Featured Teacher: Angela Greene

Teaching never gets old for Angela Greene, a kindergarten teacher who has seen former students go on to college.

"I had so many teachers in my life who made a difference to me. I feel like I'm continuing on that path," said Greene of Hilton Head Island Early Childhood Center. "I've been teaching for 13 years. My first class is in college now. It's wonderful to see the progression students make."

Coupon Basics

Need help getting started with coupons? Here is what you need to know to shave 50%-90% off your grocery bill. I know that couponing does take some time. I like to think of it like this, say you spend one hour clipping coupons and you save $50 at the grocery store. That is like you made $50 an hour-doesn’t that sound nice!

Summertime Fun!

Like clockwork, once the weather gets warmer, family friendly activities abound. Here are Lowcountry Child's picks for events that start this weekend!


Autism Awareness: Hitting the wall

Parents with children on the autism spectrum are sometimes so focused on running the race to find the right type and amount of help that they experience burnout. There is an old saying in running that goes, “Even pace wins the race.”

Happy birthday, Girl Scouts

When Juliette Gordon Low thought up the idea for Girl Scouts on March 12, 1912, she knew she was onto something—“I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight,” she exclaimed over the phone to a cousin—but she couldn’t have foreseen just how successful the organization would be, or how much of an impact it would have on so many women’s lives.