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Pumpkins, festivals, haunted tours and more

When the leaves start to fall to the ground, bags are filled with candy and children turn into ghosts and gobblins, you can bet that the area is brimming with lots of child friendly activities — from arts and crafts and harvest festivals to haunted tours and hayrides. Here are a slew of fall activities for every family member

11 ways to have fun this month

Lowcountry Child's favorite picks for September range from golf tournaments to festivals. Check out what's in store for the entire family throughout September. 

Reach out and Skype someone

Where are you from originally?

It’s a question that prefaces nearly every encounter in the Lowcountry. The answers are as diverse as the people who call the area home: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Kentucky. The reason you’ll barely ever hear the response “right here” is that we are a community largely made up of transplants.

Staying Fit Before, During and After Pregnancy

Whether a woman is trying to get pregnant, already is pregnant, or just gave birth, there are two things on her mind: The first is her baby, and the second is her body.

Women everywhere fret about how pregnancy affects the way her body looks, feels, moves and recovers from those long 40 weeks and the grueling sprint to the “finish line.” For some, pregnancy is a license to relax and indulge. For others, it’s a battle of insecurity as the numbers on the scale go up and her energy levels go down.

The old assumption that pregnant women are too fragile for a real fitness routine is not true, says personal trainer Ian Hart, owner of EarthFIT in Beaufort. Hart shared with us some insight into the best ways a woman should approach fitness before, during and after pregnancy.

After School Programs

After-school programs can be so much more than just a supervised study hall in Beaufort County. Schools and various organizations offer myriad classes and clubs, from knitting and robotics to beginner golf and puppet sculpting. As the new school year gets underway, here's a listing of the options available, so you can decide what kind of little artist, basketball star or concert violinist you're going to raise this year:

Homeschooling 101

Homeschooling has become a parenting buzz word, with more and more families opting to educate their kids at home rather than in a traditional classroom setting. Are you curious about homeschooling but don’t know if it’s for you? We’ve put together a primer for parents to get you schooled on homeschooling.

Prevent eye injuries

"You'll poke your eye out!" Remember that saying just when the fun was about to begin?

Well, it turns out that's pretty good advice. Preventable trauma is the leading cause of blindness in teenagers and older children. Dr. Richard Akers of Atlantic Ophthalmology in Beaufort offers some rules of the road:

Healthy After School Snacks

There are tons of prepackaged snacks out there for kids (just turn on the TV in the mid-afternoon and you’re sure to be inundated with commercials for them), but rarely are they actually nutritious.

August events for the entire family

Parents are already getting into the groove of backpacks and books over beach towels and flip-flops. But just because school will soon be in session, doesn't mean the fun is over. Here are some events in August to keep your whole family busy.

Toddler activities in the kitchen

There's one room in the house that consistently mystifies and amazes small children. The kitchen. To these knee-high toddlers, there are drawers and cabinets that open and shut, shiny bowls and utensils, running water and sometimes steam emanating from the stove-top. It's also a place where toddlers can have the most ... fun (you thought I'd say 'dangerous,' didn't you?). Here are some easy activities from “The Toddler's Busy Book” by Trish Kuffner that can calm a crazed child using items you probably already have: