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Have a hand? Lend it.

Whether you're starting a New Year's resolution, looking for something to do or have a desire to give back, local charities abound and often are in need of volunteers or donations.

Gobble Up These Fall Events

Turkey isn't the only thing you can look forward to this month. The area is chock full of family friendly events — from golf and musical concerts to bazaars and storytimes. We threw in some December holiday events for good measure.

What 'Colic' Really Means

Despite all the scientific research and technological developments we’ve seen in the last 100 years regarding the health and proper care of infants, there remains one unfortunate mystery nobody has definitively cracked: Colic.

What's behind holistic parenting

“Green,” “organic” and “holistic” are buzz words these days, both in the media and on store shelves. But for an increasing number of parents, those words help define their approach to parenting.

Special guests visit St. Helena school

K-5 students at St. Helena Preschool & Kindergarten, located in downtown Beaufort, celebrated Veterans Day with several military fathers who came to class to talk to students about their role in the armed forces. To honor the guests, students baked chocolate chip cookies, made thank you cards and sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”.

The Life of a Military Family

When 2-year-old Collin Edmonds spiked a fever of 106 and had to be rushed to the hospital recently, his mother, Kate Edmonds, was overwhelmed to say the least. With her husband, Sean, deployed to Afghanistan and no relatives nearby, Kate was left to scramble for help during her son’s three-night hospital stay.

Scrapbooking 101

I have been scrapbooking for close to 10 years. I don’t claim to be an expert nor do I do anything “fancy.” I dedicate my free time to it a few times a year. After that I always say that I will keep it up, but I never do. I recently had a friend tell me she would like me to tell her how to scrapbook. I never realized that people needed to be taught to scrapbook. So it gave me an idea for this post. First to get started you need to get some supplies. I have collect numerous supplies over the years, but here are the main ones that I use.

Just eat it already!

After spending the day chasing a toddler or working in an office, somehow you have managed to prepare a meal for your family. The table is set, the sippy cup is full and your spoon is ready to ply food in your feisty toddler's mouth with the nutritious, fill-in-the-blank food.

Meet the child whisperer

You’ve heard of life coaches for adults—but life coaches for kids? Yes, they do exist, and more and more parents and schools are turning to them to help children of all ages work through emotional and academic issues.

10 Tips for Fighting the Flu

Flu season is back. Use this list to keep yourself and your neighbors safe.