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Featured Teacher: Angela Greene

Teaching never gets old for Angela Greene, a kindergarten teacher who has seen former students go on to college.

"I had so many teachers in my life who made a difference to me. I feel like I'm continuing on that path," said Greene of Hilton Head Island Early Childhood Center. "I've been teaching for 13 years. My first class is in college now. It's wonderful to see the progression students make."

Perfect Penguins

Mossy Oaks Elementary School teacher Suzi Prekop and her first grade class constructed an igloo from recycled milk cartons. This "Perfect Penguin" project will be part of Prekop's lesson plans on recycling in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, their igloo has become a permanent fixture in her classroom. Check out the video below. If you are a teacher or a mother of a student whose class is doing something special for or around Earth Day, April 22, let Lowcountry Child know!

Understand postpartum depression

Mom equals superwoman, right?

A mom can feed her baby, while paying the bills and putting on mascara, right?

As women, being a mom is the one thing we’re supposed to be good at, right?

This is what so many women believe.

Lowcountry Child's Featured Teacher Program

Besides parents, the person to spend the most time with your children are teachers. Nationwide, the average teacher:

Saving for college in South Carolina

It’s difficult to think about saving for college when your child is still in diapers. But experts say the sooner you start saving, the better.

On average, college tuition increases about 8 percent per year. An 8 percent college inflation rate means that the cost of college doubles every nine years. For a baby born today, this means that college costs will be more than three times current rates when the child heads to college, according to The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid.

For more information on 529 plans
in South Carolina, click here.

Get back into shape but don't kill yourself

As a new mother, taking time to develop a workout routine might seem impossible. But building up an exercise regimen before and after baby will get you looking like your pre-pregnancy self and help you feel like the person you were before swollen ankles and lower back pain took over.

Always check with your doctor before working out, but most say it is safe to continue working out while you’re pregnant if it’s already part of your routine and to get back into a workout routine at least six weeks post-partum. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Dear dads-to-be, read this

Congratulations, you are about to embark on an amazing journey. It is a journey in which you will learn more things about the female body than you ever (likely) wanted to know.
I advise you to keep that to yourself.

Yes, be disgusted and silent. Be awe-stricken and steady. Be shocked and stoic. For as the partner of a pregnant woman your mission is clear: Shut up and thank God that you are man, and for the love of God don’t say that out loud.

Lowcountry nurseries turn to canvas art

When our moms were pregnant, their nursery décor decisions consisted of pink, blue or yellow and elephants or Teddy bears. For modern parents, designing the nursery can take more time, thought and effort than any other room in the house.

Often, the nursery comes to mean more than the place where your precious bundle of joy will sleep. It reflects your parenting style. Are you trendy or traditional? Do you want to incorporate the latest finds in furniture and color or do you prefer nostalgia?

Facebook 101

The profile photo: This is crucial. If you don’t have one you like, you an always find a good photo of you from someone else’s album. Click "make profile picture" on the bottom right below the photo.