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LAF center prepares kids for kindergarten

Getting ready for kindergarten is a big deal for any young child, but for those on the autism spectrum it can be an incredibly daunting challenge.

Tracking Your Child: Paranoia or Smart?

Some say our society has collectively become too paranoid. Gone are the days when we send our kids out to play in the neighborhood, not knowing their exact whereabouts but relying on the comforting knowledge that they’ll return safely to us when the street lights came on.

Not All Therapists are the Same

The Challenge: Not all Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) are the same.

ABA is widely recognized by various state and federal agencies (e.g. U. S. Surgeon General, New York State Department of Health) as a safe and effective treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Five ways to reduce accidents

Bicycling is a great way for children and their parents to get exercise, but it's important to follow a few safety rules. Both children and adults should wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet and ride a bike that is the right size, has functioning brakes, and fully inflated tires, according to National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. The
NHTSA also recommends that children younger than 10 years old ride on
the side walk.
Parents riding with their children in the street should follow the rules of the road and use bright colored clothing or gear to make yourself more visible to drivers.

Center to Combine Therapy and Preschool

When Tami Lawrence and Tripp Ritchie founded Lowcountry Autism Foundation in August 2007, one of their immediate goals was to find a way to get local children the critical assessments they needed for a possible autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Most area families had to endure a six- to eight-month wait for an assessment at the Medical University of South Carolina, and such a big chunk of time spent waiting can make for a drastic hang-up in a very young child’s development.

10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active

Kids naturally want to move. They are born wanting to explore, to test themselves, to climb higher and reach farther and run faster.

Have a hand? Lend it.

Whether you're starting a New Year's resolution, looking for something to do or have a desire to give back, local charities abound and often are in need of volunteers or donations.

The Storybook Shoppe opens its doors in Bluffton

The boxes are unpacked and the paint is dry, which means The Storybook Shoppe is set to open its doors on Wednesday.

Lowcountry Child's Gift Guide

Gift-giving season is upon us, and that means gift-shopping season is here too. Maybe you dread it, maybe you love it – either way, to make it simpler and save you time we asked regular contributor, blogger and local mom Laura Jacobi to cull the web and poll other area moms for the best gift ideas for everyone on your list. These gifts focus on creativity and “edutainment” for the kids, and practicality and sentimentality for the adults — all without breaking the bank. They are sure to please your kids, your spouse and even your parents for the holidays. Happy shopping!

The Little Dolphin That Could

After being elected mayor in 2008, Billy Keyserling began handing out copies of “The Little Engine that Could” to “naysayers” in the community as a way to encourage them to do what is necessary to build a better Beaufort. But he says the children’s classic wasn’t truly expressing what he wanted to say.