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Confessions of a Copycat: How to Build a Rockin Kids Room on a Budget

I have a confession to make. I'm not a girl.

I mean in the biological, anatomically correct sense of the word, yes, I am a female, but I don't have that innate artistic flair that most women seem to have naturally programmed into their genetic code. I'm not being sexist. It's a talent! You know when that old single guy-friend of yours finally gets a girlfriend and suddenly his rundown apartment is transformed into a space worthy of an episode on "Cribs"? That's what I'm talking about. I'm in awe of this ability. I want my home to look like that.

Halloween Safety Tips (Bonus: How not to eat all of the candy)

Before your ghosts and goblins suit up for a night of trick-or-treating, here are some ways to keep your little ones safe this Halloween:

Learning Activities for Little Students

At Lowcountry Child, we often get caught up in the cuteness and plethora of ideas that come with smaller children. But what about the big kids? Now that school is in session, it may be difficult to inspire or motivate your little student to get organized with homework or to sit and listen to a teacher's lesson. We scoured various educational resources and found some activities for children, ages 5 to 11, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Education.

Which daycare is right for you?

When you’re pregnant, you register for all of the supplies your new baby will need.

Crib. Check.

Diapers. Check.

Blankets. Check.

Formula. Check.

But what about after the baby is born, when mom and dad are ready to return to work? Have you thought about childcare? Who will you entrust your child with for the 8-plus hours while you’re at work?

Finding the right childcare facility is not as absolute as picking out a new stroller. Believe me, I know.

Summer Safety Guide

Summer is the perfect time for long bike rides, all-day beach outings, and barefoot sprinkler sprints. Basically, it’s the time to let kids be kids. That also means parents will be parents, worrying about when to reapply sunblock and what a tick looks like. Don’t stress about keeping your kids out of harm’s way this summer, but do be aware of potential dangers and how to make sure everyone stays safe.

Coupon Tips by Store

Ever wonder how extreme couponers do it?

Confused on store versus manufacturer’s coupons? A store coupon is only valid in the store designated on the coupon. A manufacturer’s coupon is valid for its specific product in a variety of stores. You can find most store coupons in your local newspapers in the store’s ads. Some stores give you coupons with your receipt, like Kroger and Target. Manufacturer’s coupons are exactly that from the manufacturer. Most will be found as newspaper inserts. Smart Source, Red Plum and Proctor & Gamble are a few. You can also contact manufacturers directly for coupons. Manufacturer’s coupons can also be found directly on the product to be used when you purchase it.

Here are some tips per store to get you started.

Lowcountry Women of Faith to host, “Girls Night Out”

Lowcountry Women of Faith will host, “Girls Night Out” at LowCountry Community Church's Bluffton’s campus, 801 Buckwalter Parkway, on Friday, May 20 at 6 p.m.

The fun event will include a screening of the romantic and humorous classic, "The Princess Bride," as women enjoy an array of sweets, treats, and gourmet popcorn.

Meet the Teachers of the Year

Beaufort County School District has announced the Teachers of the Year, who  are selected by their peers following criteria established by the schools, the district’s Teacher Forum and the SC Department of Education. In the fall, each teacher will compete for the District’s Teacher of the Year honor.

Keep Your Kids Cyber Safe

Can you imagine letting your child socialize with a sex predator? If a bully was picking on them, would you ignore it? Would you allow your child to play violent video games?

Most parents would vote with a resounding “No!” to these questions.

Local Church Rolls Up Sleeves to Help Others

More than 50 members of Live Oak Christian Church's ServeFest Team recently helped spruce up the Boys & Girls Club.

The team worked with five Boys & Girls Clubs parents and friends to thoroughly clean furniture, vents, windows and trash cans in the Teen Room, Computer Room, Art Room, Kitchen, Game Room and Gym. Additionally, they provided much-needed construction projects that included library shelves, tightening up the screws on tables, landscaping and till soil in beds.