Five ways to reduce accidents

Bicycling is a great way for children and their parents to get exercise, but it's important to follow a few safety rules. Both children and adults should wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet and ride a bike that is the right size, has functioning brakes, and fully inflated tires, according to National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. The
NHTSA also recommends that children younger than 10 years old ride on
the side walk.
Parents riding with their children in the street should follow the rules of the road and use bright colored clothing or gear to make yourself more visible to drivers.

Baby’s First Toothbrush?

You’ve suffered through sleepless nights, crying, and a constant stream of drool as those first tiny, white teeth poked through. But now how do you take care of them?

Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Just when you thought you and your baby had gotten the hang of breastfeeding, it starts hurt. When this happens, something is wrong. Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby, but it does include its fair share of challenges, even after nursing is established. And new moms are often so busy taking care of baby that they neglect themselves. If you experience pain when nursing, consider the following fixes to common breastfeeding challenges.

Labor & Delivery: The Second Time Around

My first pregnancy, I was prepared weeks in advance for labor and delivery. My bags were packed and I'd read all the books. Five years later, and thirty-nine weeks pregnant with my second son, my doctor told me after an ultrasound appointment that I needed to be induced the following day.

Breastfeeding 101 and Resources

Breastfeeding is the most convenient way to provide your baby with a meal—lunch is always ready, it’s cheap, and there are no bottles to sterilize or formula to mix. But aside from convenience, breastfeeding is healthy and beneficial for baby and mom in a number of ways.

What you need to know about baby's first year

Baby’s first year is both magical and mysterious. The magic happens with each smile and coo, and with every milestone reached.

The mystery happens with each fever and sniffle, and with every miserable night of inconsolable wailing and fussiness.

Figuring out what’s wrong with your little one is difficult, and deciding how best to treat it is sometimes even more confusing. We’ve put together a little cheat sheet of remedies and ideas for the most common causes of discomfort during a baby’s first year.

What 'Colic' Really Means

Despite all the scientific research and technological developments we’ve seen in the last 100 years regarding the health and proper care of infants, there remains one unfortunate mystery nobody has definitively cracked: Colic.

Who is the right pediatrician for you?


A good pediatrician is one of a parent’s best assets. Pediatricians are trained to be experts on everything from infant and child health and development, to nutrition and behavioral issues. A pediatrician will help to guide you from the moment of your child’s birth until your child is young adult. Finding the right pediatrician for you and your child takes effort, but the payoff is well worth it. Here are some tips to help guide your search:

Our Picks on the Best Parenting Books

Parents can never get too much advice, right? Here is Lowcountry Child's top picks for the best parenting books — from newborn to toddlers. 

Have children, must find playgroup

Not outgoing enough to playgroup pick-up? 
Don't worry. Lowcountry Child has you covered.

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Being a new mom is a daunting job. During those first couple of months, you’re preoccupied with how to feed and how to get this little baby to sleep while trying to fit in shut-eye for yourself. But after a while, when you settle into the role of motherhood, you begin to crave the company of other moms.
Before having my son, Cole, I went to work and interacted with 10 to 20 people every day. Once I became a mom, all of that changed. I suddenly found myself cooped up in the house, just me and this little thing that cried and spit up all the time (and I mean all the time). After a while, I was desperately seeking some social interaction. But where do you turn?