My Initiation into Motherhood

So it finally happened.  I have heard stories of other Mom’s experiences.  I have witnessed similar episodes on my own shopping trips.  Never have I been the one under the spotlight…until today.
It was supposed to be a simple stop into Walgreen’s to pick up some pictures.  I warned her…no, we are not visiting the toy aisle.   Then I thought we aren’t in a rush, what is a stroll through toy land?  BIG mistake!  That is where it happened.  That is where I was finally (after 4 years) initiated into the true rights of Motherhood.  That is where the public temper tantrum took place!
It was silly.  I laid down the law prior to entering the aisle of doom.  We will be purchasing nothing.  We are “just looking”.  Then I saw something I had been looking for – a toy for my son.  He is stuck with hand me downs…PINK hand me downs!  But that is a different story!  
My 4 year old daughter picks up a puppy.... HMMM I am thinking - if I buy her this puppy (that she does not need) then I can buy Jack some boy toys.  I am agreeing with her.  When she finds another puppy – Oh Mommy, they will be great friends.  Sure they will – together with the 15 stuffed puppies that are already all over my house!  I say NO – finally putting my foot down.  You can choose one.  I have the boy toys in my hand and I am walking away.  Then I hear the mortifying sound!  
My sweet little girl has flung her body on the floor and starts screaming.  I want both.  I will not choose.  NOOOOOOO!  I turned around, got down on her level, and calmly said Maddie we can only choose one today.  Can you make a choice?  If not we will put them back.  She screamed no!  In a quick motion, I dropped what I was holding onto the shelf, put the puppies down, and scooped her up.  As I walked out of the store she was wreathing and wiggling out of my grasp.  I just kept thinking don’t drop her, keep her safe.  I smiled calmly as the other shoppers looked at me with wide eyes.  Oh come on – you have been there too!  I put her in her car seat and calmly drove home.  The screaming ended (an hour or so later!) and now we talk about visiting the puppies…
So in a quick decision to tour the toy aisle, I finally became a real Mom.  In a brief moment I passed the initiation into motherhood.  I stayed calm, I did not hit, and I did not throw my own tantrum.  I did not bribe her with the chosen weapon.  I became the Mom, embarrassed by her child’s behavior in a public place, and turned it around and let it become a teachable moment.