Just Another "Poop" Story

WARNING: Don't read any further if you have a weak stomach

Let me start by saying that I am happy to say this is not a story about my own children. Many of you know I run a “Mom’s Morning Out” Program called PlayCare. This month we started a once-a-month Saturday evening program. We only had a few children so I was there on my own. 

All was going well. I had six kids there — one 4 year old, one 3 year old, and four 2 year olds (crazy I know!) I fed them all dinner and thought, “Wow! I am pretty good at this!” Mind you two of the children were my own – but still I was doing great! We played, colored, and had a dance party. I kept smelling “poop” (for lack of a better word). So, I checked one child – bingo! And I changed him. We continued playing. I smelled “poop” again. Checked another child – bingo again! And I changed her. No reason to keep checking diapers for “poop” I had found it all – or so I thought. 

At this point I started dressing the children in their PJ’s (a PlayCare at night special treat!), so it was taking me a little longer to change each child. I am also helping the 3 year old to potty. She is conveniently at the potty training stage where she thinks she has to potty every 5 minutes – and just a drop comes out! So I am dealing with a lot … and I had already found the poop. No worries! Again, I am thinking I got this! Six kids, no problem! 

As I am changing child #2, I notice a little girl squirming and wreathing on her back on the floor. This little one doesn’t like the changing table. She is showing me she is ready to get changed. I rush to get #2 done and grab #3’s PJ’s and diaper. As I walk toward her I am hit with an awful smell! I think, "Hmmm – ok she pooped now, too – no big deal". 

Then, I go to take her shirt off – ok there is poop all over her shirt and her back. That has happened before I can take care of it. Ok. I sit her up – and OH NO! There is poop ground into the carpet! YIKES! When she was laying there wiggling and squirming she was squeezing the “poop” right out of her diaper. I start thinking, "Maybe I don’t have this . . ."

I asked my daughter to get me some paper towels – LOTS! And a disposable changing pad quickly. Thankfully she was there to help! I scoot the pad under this stinky child and get to work. She was covered in poop! This is also the child that likes to put her hands in her pants…you know by her “butt." Yes! you guessed it! There was poop on her hands. There was poop on her pants by her ankles! On her shoes and on her socks! It was everywhere! And don’t forget it was ground into the carpet! As I am asking for paper towels and supplies, the children all begin to gather around the situation. I guess they could tell it was an emergency! I shooed the kids away, cleaned the dirty party up and scrubbed the carpet. Luckily, I found some carpet cleaner and had a large, free standing toy to cover up the contaminated spot. 

I hope you find humor in my poop incident and think of my luck when you are having a bad day! When I look back on it, I was still in control. I kept my calm; I dealt with the poop problem. The little ones all left with smiles on their faces and that’s all that matters, right? I left with a smile on my face, too (thankfully, the experience was over!)