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101 Things To Do This Summer

Are your kids going to be home for the summer? Need some ideas to keep them entertained?

Here are 101!

Homeschool Conventions in March!!!


Hi Y'all!

Coming up in March are TWO Homeschool Conventions near us. One difference in vendor that I was told about is that Great Homeschool Convention will NOT have Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. So if this is a curriculum you use, please do look into that so it is not a wasted trip. Below I have posted helpful information about both conventions to help you determine which to attend.

Lowcountry Homeschooling: Socialization

Socialization a problem in the Lowcountry?!?  Read further for: Things for Homeschoolers to Do in the Lowcountry


Lowcountry Homeschooling


Hi Y'all!

I've heard it may sound complicated to homeschool here in the Lowcountry (South Carolina in general!) but it's really not as complicated as it seems.  Some have even said they absolutely love it because they have the choice compared to the state they relocated from.   Let's admit it...the Lowcountry is a transient place with people coming and going every couple years.

Lowcountry Homeschoolers

Just Another "Poop" Story

WARNING: Don't read any further if you have a weak stomach

Let me start by saying that I am happy to say this is not a story about my own children. Many of you know I run a “Mom’s Morning Out” Program called PlayCare. This month we started a once-a-month Saturday evening program. We only had a few children so I was there on my own. 

My Initiation into Motherhood

So it finally happened.  I have heard stories of other Mom’s experiences.  I have witnessed similar episodes on my own shopping trips.  Never have I been the one under the spotlight…until today.